I like to think of life as communication.  It is all one grand communication between ourselves and everything else.  An intricate web of doingness to which we are all acting and responding every second of every day.  We are part of it, creating it as we go along.  And what I find lovely is that whether sitting this one out, actively movin’-n-shakin’, or just getting on with it, we are all a part of the pattern that we are creating and that is creating us.  Then I have my second cup of tea in the morning and get on with my day.  🙂

With all this doing and being going on inside it is easy for us to lose sight of how that appears outside.  Even easier to totally ignore or not even realize that the outside is sending signals to others and to the Universe about who we are and what we intend.  Now, let me head you off at the pass. This is not in any supporting human augmentation or alteration, nor in any way putting it down.  I personally find the orange New Jersey tans silly, that breast augmentation is the choice of the augmentee and can cause all kinds of rewards to be reaped, that tattoos can either be spiritual, funny, incredibly meaningful, beautiful, or just downright silly, and that most cosmetic surgery is unnecessary, but it’s your money so do what you want.  An my apologies to the Brits but I really think that straighter, whiter teeth is worth everything it takes.  However, I digress.

regardless of how we are on the inside, our actions on the outside is what communicates to the Universe and those around us what we want, who we are, and gives others ideas of how to treat us.  Not that they always follow-up on that, but it’s what they have to work with.  So check in with yourself today.  Is what you’re doing matching what you want or what you want others to know about you?  Is constantly asking for help and offering none to others how you want to be seen?  Is the sloppy, torn, worn out clothes look who you really are or do you want to be seen for the eclectic bohemian you really are?  Can others see the brilliant, caring, talented you, or are they pushed away by all the biting commentary and sarcasm?  Etc, etc, etc.  What might be just a moment in time could be the only impression they get.  Yes, I know that “other’s opinions shouldn’t matter”, however if you aren’t living in a cave on a mountain, then they do.  And even on that mountain, how you live signals the world around you.  I mean, if you start eating all the crickets, the cricket committee is going to relocate the tribe elsewhere.  Which will cause all kinds of habitat changes which will affect your surroundings in the long-term and force you to seek other food in the short-term.  It’s all connected.  So check in.  If the semaphore your using isn’t getting you the reaction you want, change it up.  Signal something different and watch the world change around you.