I have clients who tell me they have been asking and asking for an answer to this question and they get absolutely nothing.  Maybe this is the first time it’s happened and they feel lost and without a rudder or maybe it has happened before but never for this long. What they want to know is what is the answer to their question. Where is the arrow pointing the way out of their dilemma and how can they get unstuck.  How can their guidance go silent on such an important question?  To which I have to say, silence in itself is an answer.

You know those questionnaires that give you four different answers to choose one but none of them is right?  What you really want is a blank space to write in something or a “None of the Above” but you don’t have that and you either have to select something close enough or leave it unanswered?  Well, that’s what the silence is about.  When we ask questions in a way that require only specific answers and none of those answers are right, our guides don’t have much choice.  If we don’t give them a blank to fill in with “other”, then silence is the best they can do.  So when silence is what you get back, if you hear the spiritual version of crickets when you’re asking about something, take a step back.  It might be that you’re asking in the wrong way or, even more telling, that you’re asking the wrong question all together.

Often the silence comes because we’ve travelled too far down a dead end path, missed something we were meant to figure out a ways back there, or that it’s time to move on in our lives from the way we’ve been living them.  We’re pushing on the door that says pull.  Pushing the Pull DoorIf we stop doing that for a moment, stop acting like a moth with a need to get to that light source no matter what, we might be able to look around and see where we took a misstep or what guidance we ignored along the way.  We can start asking different questions to see what information we have left out of the equation.  We might even start seeing where our own assumptions are what’s tripping us up because we’re treating them like physics principles and gravity rather than assumptions that can be wrong.

As annoying, frustrating, and devastating as silence can be coming from our guides, it’s also a blessing that provides us with the quiet necessary unravel deep truths and experience revelations.  So where is the silence trying to get your attention?