I come across this often in my work.  People want to know what their purpose here is, what task they’ve been set to accomplish, what’s the goal.  At the same time, I’m looking in their book and surrounded by their teacher and guides who are patiently waiting for the client to tell them what they want to do, what goal they want to accomplish, and how they want to pursue their purpose.  It’s like that joke “After you, no after you, no after you….”

We’re not perpetual students without responsibility attempting to meet the criteria of some higher beings who have power over us, we are the authors of our lives.  We have the right and the responsibility to create the life we want while we are here for this very brief time.  The lessons we are here to learn are going to come our way as well as others we didn’t plan.  It takes work to avoid the so we don’t need to make special efforts to go seek them out.  They have a multitude of options for how they present themselves to us so we aren’t missing out on them if we zig when we could have zagged.

So don’t worry about what you’re missing, concern yourself with what you want and what you can do to achieve it.  Every step you take to achieve a dream, bring a smile to your face, make your life just that little bit better is helping you reach your goal.  Meanwhile, becoming clear about what you want and what that might look like gives your guides and your book the information they need to start helping you achieve it.