Many times clients come to me wanting to know what is going to happen to them next as if they are a passive recipient of their life and not a participant.  Most of them have a perspective on the spiritual which sees them as a student with a teacher who is constantly giving them lessons to learn, then evaluating those lessons, and they either move on to the next or try again.  In this perspective what matters seems to be the teacher’s opinion and whether or not the person can figure out the right answer.  But life, spiritual or otherwise, doesn’t actually have right answers so I’m not quite sure what they are striving for.

The thing is that we all have Free Will and so unless we give up sovereignty over our lives completely, we aren’t here to have an authority tell us what to do.  We’re here to make our own choices, to participate in this amazing tapestry of beingness, and to co-create our world.  So for most of us, if we’re waiting for the universe to show us what comes next, we’ll be waiting for a very long time because the universe is waiting for us to tell it what’s next.  When clients ask if this or that is going to happen as if it’s luck that motivates it or some outside agency, I point to the fact that it’s pretty much up to them.  It’s not magical thinking making the world go round, but a decision on what type of house to have (condo/apt/detached house/yurt/mobil home) isn’t a decision the Universe is going to make for you.  You can request advice and support in finding the right situation for yourself, but you’re the one that determines what that right situation is going to be.  The universe can then highlight for you the options so you can make a decision.

It’s your life and you have a huge part in choosing how it goes or doesn’t.  You are working in cooperation with the universe at large to participate in your best life, hopefully.  So let me ask you this?  What’s going to happen next? Let me know when you decide.  🙂