At Winter Solstice we can stop the outward flow, the rip tide which is trying to drag us somewhere we do not wish to go, calling us out of ourselves, and instead open to allow the universal energy of Akasha to fill us.  We can draw down the pure prana of the Akashics and let it radiate through us, filling us like a sacred well until we overflow to all living beings.  We can become the candle in the darkness, spreading light because this is our nature, and in so doing reminding others they can do the same.

For Winter Solstice I offer you a meditation which will allow you to experience yourself as luminous. This will be easiest for those who have taken my courses, but everyone should be able to do it.  It is a way to invite light and Akasha into your embodied life rather than trying to travel to it. On this liminal day between here and there, let us pause to re-experience who we are and all we have the potential to become for ourselves and those we love.