It never occurred to me that Christmas trees would be decorated in themes outside of businesses and the mansions of the rich where each room has a different theme and a tree to match. My experience had always been that trees were decorated in memories.  Each family having a hodge podge of decorations collected over the years, made by children, gifted by friends, commemorating this or that event.  I know mine is. There are themes to it, several and they all weave together into a tapestry that I love to put together every year.  Even as we speak I’m looking at the one glass ornament that survived myself and my sisters.  It’s older than mean and a respected elder. There are plastic tear drops which contain kitschy plastic manger scenes which I inherited when the parents just couldn’t stand to look at them any more.  Last year I found glass ornaments with Greek icon paints of Jesus and Mary on them and it thought it would add a great then/now effect. At least for me. I doubt anyone else would notice, but that’s ok.

Darth Vader Christmas TreeSo color me surprised when I found years ago that people actually work to make themed trees.  Not just for special events, but because they are that much in love with their particular theme.  And you know who loves a good theme?  Geeks.  Oh, you know there are going to be some AMAZING Star Wars trees next year with the Force Awakens just having come out this year.  An entire year to collect and plan? Oh yeah.  It’s on.

But Star Wars fans are the only ones who like to light up an evergreen.  These geeks like to mix it up. Can you spot all the different Sci/Fi fandoms going on with this one?

dalek_treeWhovians are great at this.  Although I think all the angels of the season must cause a bit of anxiety. There are all kinds of other geek themes as well and you can see a gallery of Christmas creativity here. And of course one doesn’t want to anger the old one’s at Christmas time, so why not celebrate them with Cthulhu. (I have to say, plushy Cthulhu just never ceases to crack me up. The irreverence and irony of making a plushy out of a creature/god who is so terrible the mind can’t comprehend it…..)Cthulhu-Christmas-Tree-2

Anyway, there are other traditions which get a geek over this time of year. Manger scenes are a common one.  This home owner who loves all things Halloween uses his zombie figures to create the tableau to the irritation of his neighborhood.  There’s also the newly minted nativity scene uses the coke cans with names. It’s a complements and counter point to those coke drinking polar bears, I think.

SciFi NativityThere’s what has come to be a classic, that mashup of all the interests and geekdoms Nativity scene, and that brings us back to Star Wars again. Ah the reverent irreverence. Smells like Christmas. However, you choose to enjoy the holiday, enjoy it safely with those you love.  starwarsnativity3