In working with clients I spend quite a bit of time helping them unlearn the logic that the world has taught them.  You know, the stuff everyone knows, the common wisdom you learn from school, the things the media drums into our head, etc, etc.  And while science has done amazing things for us and made our lives longer, healthier and given us the ability to make them works of art, it has also taught us that trusting ourselves, our intuition, our ability to make judgments based on our ability to assimilate data a the millisecond speed is wrong.

So I spend time acknowledging that what they know in their gut is truly what they know.  I teach people how to trust themselves again.  How to fly in the face of conventional wisdom.  How to live a Spirit filled life.  Which they already know, but it helps to have community that can support you in that process. And help you work through the emotions, healing, changes that occur when you start trusting who you are and learning more about who you can be.  And deep down we know who we are, what our best life is in this Universe, and what will make us the happiest and most fulfilled.  Which makes my job a joy and an honor as I help people through the process of unfolding.

However, there are times when unfolding is not the answer.  There are souls that come into an embodied life, not to bring who they are into the world and share it with others, but to challenge themselves to be something more, something different, something they have never tried before.  Which means everything I said above can be thrown out the window.  Because trusting who they know themselves to be and becoming more of it is the opposite of why they are here.  They are here to try something new that they’ve never done before.  Which means it will feel awkward, difficult, frustrating, contradictory, and all kinds of wrong.  And that’s how it should be.  Just like a child trying to walk, there will be lots of falling, lots of banging into things, possible concussions and black eyes, amazing successes, and if you keep at it, a skill that will be the basis of an entirely new way of being in the world.  And I’m honored to help with that as well.

But Soul Challenges mean that I have to dig deep and actually say the words “don’t trust your instincts on this one.”  Because your instinct will be to do what you know and to want to do it well the first time.  And you more than likely won’t on this one.  Which can be so confusing.  Because if you can’t trust your instincts, what have you got to go on.  But it means reaching even deeper into yourself to feel the reasons why, to know that you chose this and are capable of accomplishing it, and setting out to do it in a lovely and gentle way.  Because while you may be unsteady on your feet, the Universe is holding your hands and making sure you don’t do yourself a harm.  And very much cheering you on every unsteady step of the way.  It doesn’t get much better than that.