Soul groups play a crucial role in the development of souls throughout their existence.  While each soul is unique and develops individually, it is also interconnected with the other members of its soul group and with its teacher in a living web of relationships that nurture and foster everyone involved.  Soul groups are formed within moments of souls being created. Shared experiences, perceptions, opinions, emotions, expectations and choices build a bond so solid it carries on throughout eternity and can be recognized even through the power of the human body to make us forget.  A soul group is like siblings who are also a group of best friends.  They share everything, tease often, pick fights, disagree, revel in each other’s successes and share the joys and sorrows of life.  All in a venue where communication is not just telepathic, but full immersion.  They don’t just see the tears; they feel the sorrow in its freshest state.  One’s smiles light up their being as well.  And through it all is a deep and abiding love.

Soul groups spend their time experiencing life.  People who talk about soul groups focus on lessons learned or not yet complete like life is a constant school where everyone is studying and learning in an endless lecture, but that is not the case.  Learning via lecture and classroom is great for learning facts and theories, for plowing through material, but it is only one educational tool and is useful for its specific task. Play and experience and joy and adventure and creation are also tools for helping souls explore who they really are and what they can become.  And having someone to share it with not only adds to the fun but adds perspective, provides then with a reflection in which to see themselves and all around them in a different way.  With soul groups each individual has not just one special person to share this with, but fourteen to thirty-nine of them, all with their own perspectives to share as well.  Part of experiencing life is also experiencing the other, coming to know others as well as the self, learning their skills, their tendencies, their likes, their failings and blind spots, learning them.  Empathy comes from experiencing their lives as part of the self.  True love is being honest when honesty is most called for and most unwelcome. Soul groups play together, learn together, grow together and work together for their own best and highest good and for those they interact with.  These deep relationships grow ever more connected through living embodied lives together.