There are so many roles that we take on when we are not in a body.  Because, when were here, all of our frames of reference are about this physicality, our minds try to imagine what life is like when we are not here or what the Akashics are like and we imagine it like this, or as a replica of this.  But why would we want to duplicate what we already have.  Or, to put from a different perspective, why would we create this place if it was just a run down version of what we already have?  It makes no sense to me.

The Akashics is its own experience, its own place and while there are commonalities between how we experience this life and what we experience when we are home, they are not the same thing.  And when we are home we aren’t just sitting around enjoying bliss and resting on our laurels.  We are studying what we did in a past life and incorporating the lessons learned so we can grow and become more of our potential, we are continuing or completing advanced studies in subjects of interest, training for a life of service in a field that fits our aptitude or working in our field of service.  Not all who embody are here to learn how to be.  Many are here because they choose to as part of their life of service.  More so now that there have been in quite some time.

Those who live in service when they are at home take on so many roles I haven’t even yet begun it’s hard to imagine the complexity of it all.  From souls who guide newly created souls into soul groups for the beginning of their journey to those who heal souls who have been damaged by torturous physical lives, from souls who help create and maintain astral bodies to those who maintain the equilibrium of the forces which allow life to exist, and everything in between, we are beautifully, enthusiastically working together to continue all existence, to understand it, support it, and help it to flourish.

And we don’t leave that behind when we come into a body.   To one degree or another we carry with us who we are there and utilize it in our lives.  Creative sparks, protective spirits, nurturing relationships, adventurous hearts are all brought with us into our bodies and help guide us through this life like a friend walking with us down the path.  We may not understand why, but it may be that in this life we don’t have to.  We’ll know when we get back, or we can peak in our Soul Books….