Each soul has a genesis, a point of creation, a time of beginning.  One moment we are not and then we are. From that moment we begin the journey of our existence which is ‘to be’, to experience life, to learn, to become, for which there is no end.  Some have made the assumption that the creation of souls ended long ago at the time the world was created and that the number of souls is finite. However this is not the case.  Soul creation continues every moment of every day and the Universe is populated with souls in every stage of development all doing their best, failing and succeeding, reverting and evolving into the interconnectedness which is the numinous.

Most souls work with their teachers and within their soul group learning about the Universe through educational experiences in the Akashics.  Souls first learn what it means to be a soul such as the physics of how to exist within the interconnectedness of energy and thought. They must learn appropriate social interactions with each other, their teacher, and other beings, not only how to be appropriate, but what it feels like to hurt and be hurt and what to do to resolve hurts and conflicts.  Free will and choices, opinions and options are a large part of this instruction as being interconnected, telepathic, and empathic, knowing what others think and feel as they experience it, can lead to a desire to control or influence others.  In all situations power has its attractions, being vulnerable has its pitfalls, and regardless of form, all beings are fallible and constantly in the process of learning from their mistakes as much or more as from their successes.  When you are formless and yet all forms are available to you, the first lesson to be learned is not “can I,” but “should I.”  And as the essence of the Akashics is love and all actions taken lead us to love, the most relevant lesson is how to be, act, perceive, and give love.

Lessons also include learning about the Akashics, all that it encompasses, all that is strives to achieve, everything that is possible within it and all the opportunities available to soul groups and individuals.  Souls learn that to name a thing is to know a thing and knowing is an immense, all-encompassing experience which changes the knower eternally and only marginally includes intellectual or informational knowing such as we experience through traditional educational processes.  To name something is the culmination of a process that begins with a shifting of the soul’s consciousness out of their own form, using empathy to imitate or take on the form of the other, harmonizing their own senses, their own sense of self, into the other until they become the other, then returning to themselves with that experience and incorporating that knowledge in a way that is both humble and honors the suchness of the other. Naming is the final consecration that tells the universe, I know this thing for I am it and yet I am myself and it remains in all of its own power and glory.  We are more for the sharing and we share this with the all.