People ask me some of the best questions ever.  What planet do I come from?  Was I Cleopatra in a previous life?  What special gifts do I have so that I can save the world?  The list goes on.  On the one hand they make me smile because they are fun questions and there’s a lot to delve into with each one of them.  We don’t come from planets, souls come from the Akashics and can choose to manifest on planets.  Any one in particular you have an interest in? *** There was only one Cleopatra and you’re not her, but you were this/that/the other which is much more fulfilling and interesting and important, to be honest. ***The world doesn’t actually need saving.  It’s doing just fine on its own and will do fine long after we’re gone.  And people don’t need saving, they need support to save themselves.  You don’t need to have any special powers for that, you just need to hands and the will to dig in.

Now, to be fair, everyone has gifts.  Each of us chose to be here and bring our abilities to do something and be something that has never been before, to add our voice to the symphony that is life.  Does that mean that each of us is an X-man who has some super power which makes us into the coolest samurai who will never have a lasting relationship but will sacrifice themselves for mankind?  Nope.  And I think we should all say a prayer of thanks for that right now.  I’ll wait.  Go ahead…ok.  Each of us has unique gifts for healing, for seeing things clearly, for manifesting and so much more.  Each of came with a purpose as well which may or may not be to access those in this lifetime.  What we did come with was us.  Our unique perspective, our wisdom, our ability to revel in life, our willingness to connect, our ability to help, and our physical presence in each other’s lives which is one of the most amazing gifts of all.

What we do with all that, that’s up to us.  The one thing we shouldn’t do is look down on it. We shouldn’t minimize the fact that we can do so much with our own two hands.  A penny doesn’t seem like much, but if you collect them and add them up, the weight of them can crush steel, block roads, damn rivers, become mountains.  Each action you take has meaning and adds to the tapestry of life.  You’re special.  You are the only you we’re ever going to have.  Come join us.  And put away that spandex.  That never looked good on anyone other than in the comics.