It’s such a North American thing to spend a HUGE amount of our waking hours working to ‘get something done’.  There is always a list of things that need doing and only so much time in the day to do them, most of them having nothing to do with fun or living life or enjoyment of any kind.  Life and joy and pleasure are something you do in your ‘off’ hours which are crammed into any of the remaining spaces and for which many people feel a huge amount of guilt because having off time is not productive.

Have I mentioned that the majority of North American lives their lives backwards or not at all?  🙂  The purpose of life should be to live it, not to struggle to do things in order to someday enjoy something when everything else is done.  Because it’s never all done and by the time you realize that your allotted time is almost up and your body is ready to lay down and not do anything more.

So stop all the doing.  Don’t just do something, stand there.  Better yet, recognize when you’ve achieved something and celebrate it.  Stand in the middle of it and soak it in.  Sit and close your eyes and feel what it is to have succeed in creating your dream.  Like a sip of fine wine, roll this feeling around your mouth and truly experience the taste of joy.  For one moment let your body drop out of its constant work mode and let it relax in ‘done’.  Life won’t end, the to do list will still be there, your career will pick up where you left off.  Trust me, the world will keep spinning.  But you’ll enjoy the ride more if you actually pay attention to the scenery once in a while.