Astrologically, in both Eastern and Western methodologies, the first quarter of 2012 is about restructuring.  The year of the Dragon is about dynamic change.  And lasting change always starts at the root or foundation, which means structure.  Now geologically that would mean earthquakes, huge weather, etc, etc.  However that isn’t what we’ve been seeing.  In fact, other than the midwest, it’s been a pretty warm and mild winter so far and we’re almost into spring.  Change socially we’ve been in for a while. It’s called a global recession.  But the structural change seems to be happening in that arena.  Iceland had a revolution due to the banking crisis.  The people took over in a huge hand gesture to the banks and the government.  Greece is seeing public riots over the austerity measures being imposed and I think we will see more out of the Occupy movement as change in the US is slow if non-existent.

It’s the person structural changes that I find most dramatic these first few months.  People losing jobs and finding themselves.  I had a talk with a friend of mine and she said she has had quite a few friends and clients lose their jobs and all of them either went into business for themselves and were successful and amazingly satisfied or found much better situations than they had been so it seemed to her that being laid off was a blessing.  There’s an amazing structural change in life for you.  Others are finding that through accident or pain management, their bone structures are having to be manipulated so that they can go on with their lives.  Restructuring at the physical level is intense and a bit scary, regardless of whether the change is an improvement or recovery from injury.

I also know that with this housing market there are quite a few people losing homes or trying desperately to get out of them, while many others are getting their first shot at owning a home.  I know of a least two friends who have just bought their first homes and another couple who is looking to buy this year.  That’s a major structural change.  And with everything in flux, the energy for change encourages people to take chances, reach for their dreams, do things they wouldn’t have done before.

So with all of this structural change, what are we preparing to do?  What is coming with the other 3 quarters of 2012?  I’m excited and can’t wait to find out.  It’s gonna be good. I just know it.