During this transformation year of the Snake, it’s not just fear that we have to learn to respect and work with, but with success.  Part of the self-identity that we hold so dear is the part that says we will be successful ‘someday’.  Anything that suggests that is changing or has already changed, we ignore or diminish or explain away.  So it can seem to us as if we are still the same person that we were.  But just as we need to be clear on the lessons that fear can teach us, we need to learn how to be clear on who we are which includes the fact that we are changing and that being successful is part of that change.

Dragon challenged us last year by providing us what we had asked for exactly how we had asked for it.  So if we hadn’t been specific or if we needed a big change landed in our lap, that’s how it happened.  And Dragon doesn’t work in half measures so out of the sky “BOOM” there is dropped right into the middle of things and then we had to deal with it.  Which we did.  Snake isn’t that showy, but is just as strong and just as adamant that we deal with reality.  And this means the reality that we stop seeing ourselves in negative terms, stop identifying with success in some future when, and realize that we are being successful now and are living the path that will lead us to the life we have chosen.

So stop for a minute and think about where you are actually at right now in your life.  Not the litany of things you haven’t accomplished yet, the goals on the list yet to be achieved, or the To Do list to be gone through, but where you are right now.  Even in just the past two weeks, look at who you have become due to all the things you did in 2012, the new opportunities that have opened up for you, the choices you have made and how you’ve incorporated that into your life.  And allow that to inform your perspective on yourself.  Let this become your new and improved self-image.  You have been successful and you will be again, some more, in this year of the snake.  Congrats!