Souls learn the culture of symbols.  Symbols are not just forms or concepts or a means of communication.  They are beings, entities in their own right with history and free will and abilities of their own.  Symbols can be used to create, to deconstruct, to educate, to facilitate travel and bridge worlds.  They are beings that operate in very different ways from those who choose bipedal or quadrupedal life forms.  They existed prior to humans and do not seek to experience life as embodied beings the way that others do.  They seek experience through fractilization and holography.  Each iteration of the symbol contains the whole of its being no matter how many times it is created or how many exist at any given moment.  And each iteration adds to the whole creating an ever larger, richer, more developed being.  Yet each individual iteration of the symbol is unique and exists within its own context, experiencing its own unique existence.  These beings live in harmony with us, support us, and work with us to create ever evolving harmonies that co-create the universe.