The animal beings we choose (or that choose us) as pets grow sensitive to us in a variety of ways.  They figure out our moods and ways through our physical actions, through our vocalizations and through the scents we produce.  They attune to our healthy states and not when we vary from them.  Something that we don’t often think about is that they are much more attuned to our spiritual state and energetics than we are.  It’s just another aspect of ourselves that they are keeping track of.

Part of their relationship with us is wanting to be near us and help when we are in suffering from a difficult or painful emotion or when we are sick and need comfort.  Many animals know when their person is leaving this world and will patiently support them through the process and grieve them after the passing is complete.  So they definitely notice it when we do something like connect consciously with the Akashics. Heck, they notice when we do that in our normal sleep patterns.  Ever wake up from a particularly deep sleep or one full of colorful dreams to find your pet hogging the bed or draped over and around you in total bliss?  Yep, they are basking in the energy just like they might back in sunlight.

So when you work with the Akashics consciously it’s not unusual for them to want to get into the action.   They will want to be near you, on you, or somewhere that they can keep an eye on the situation.  Some pets want to be far away when their person is doing this type of work and that’s quite ok.  They know what’s best for them and if being around energy work isn’t for them, then they should be supported in that request.  But for the most part our pets want to be around it.  Well, reptiles kinda don’t care, but then, they don’t care about a lot of things. I kinda like that about them.  🙂

Cats, dogs and birds are most notable for their interest in energy work.  Cats will get up and lay right on top of a Tarot layout or bat at Runes or stare at the I-Ching because they enjoy the energy and want to be a part of the action.  Dogs usually either want to be near it or you and just watch.  So enjoy the company, bask in the love and affection and know that your pet is working with you, a co-conspirator as it were, in helping you explore new aspects of your life.