I find that most people who know they are working with the Akashics either focus on working in the Library where records are stored, for individuals, events and really everything or they focus on channeling information from guides, teachers, masters, and don’t get information about the Akashics itself.  Those few who do get information or experience the Akashics outside the Library either make pronouncements about it where you can hear the orchestra in the background swelling to tell you that this is the best and most important way to see it.  It’s the sound and feeling of an authority speaking from on high.  Even if they don’t speak in pronouncements, because so few people have experienced this for themselves, the information gains authority even when it is subjective and only one person’s experience.

So it’s not surprising that people experiencing the Akashics for the first time are surprised when it doesn’t look like what they expected or what they had heard about.  The Akashics is a large space.  Ok, I just heard a few of you gasp at the understatement.  It’s huge.  It’s cosmically huge.  It contains a record of everything in the Universe and everything that has happened to that everything and notes on all the possibilities that might arise from things that the everything might do in the future.  Plus things that the everything doesn’t realize exist because there are things behind the curtain helping to make it possible for the everything to exist and function as it does.  So bigger than the known and unknown Universe is kinda the size I’m talking about here.

That’s a concept that most philosophers, theoretical scientists, and theologians ponder for the majority of their lives so I’ll let you sit with it for a few moments to let it sink in.  While you’re doing that, let me add a couple more points.  The Library is just one structure in a much larger functional city which is only one city within the Akashics.  And as cities are constructs that are meant for humans to function in and there are a great many more creatures in the world and just us bipeds, there is a great deal more than just structures there.  I have some students that are beginning to explore outside in winged form and beginning to see other aspects.  I and my peers often visit garden mazes, open plains, mountains, valleys full of roses or forests full of primal forest.  And these are just some of the places available to you.

But first open your mind to ‘Universally Big’ and let the idea of ‘more than just bipeds exist here’ and see how that changes your perspective and your expectations.  Hopefully it inspires you to seek out your next adventure.  Or to take an aspirin for the headache and to sit with some daytime tv and tea.  Both are valid responses.  I’m going to go check on my tea…:)