Life on earth teaches us that humans are the preeminent species.  Although there are carnivores that can take us down and the weather and other natural disasters have the ability to wipe us out in swathes, we manage through our analytical thinking and that opposable thumb to make our way and to have become the overwhelmingly dominant feature of the earth next to water, which doesn’t respond to nuclear deterrents.

And religions of the book reinforce this through the myth of the Garden of Eden and Adam/Eve.  That creation story as well as others tell us that we are the inheritor of God’s power and meant to be the ruler and caretaker of this place.  That there are a great man other spiritualities and religions who don’t see it that way doesn’t affect our behaviors much at this point.  Nor the majority view-point.

But this perspective is unique to this planet and not the case in the Akashics.  While bipeds of all kinds do dwell there and we are able to interact there with a bipedal perspective, the majority of living beings there are not human looking, nor do they think as humans or interact as humans.  And in reality, neither do we.  Being human is a role we choose to play for a short amount of time and to do so we are required to take on certain traits, work with certain restrictions and constraints, and ignore a great deal of our true nature.  We are actually beings of light who exist within the interconnected realm of the Akashics.  It is both form and energy field and so exists in both structures helping the Universe retain its harmony and functions while providing us a home where we can live and thrive.

There are beings which exist to help create life and to help it thrive.  There are beings which provide means of travel and communication between what we would consider greatly distant places.  There are beings which help union and communication between various dimensions of space-time.  There are beings which help form and support the Akashics and beings which help support the beingness of all the structures and beings in it from the planetary to the smallest particle.  There are beings which help create new souls, beings which help provide the means for things to change and grow and become.  There are those who support the endings of things and those who dream of what is to become so that it can become a reality.  There are specialists in all varieties of being that helps the whole maintain itself.  And while some of these beings interact with humans and can appear in human form, the majority of them do not.  They neither look like nor act like humans nor should they.  And they are as beautiful and loving and kind and strong as any of us, if not more so.

I have met many such beings in my travels within the Akashics and so I find it noteworthy and humorous when I read descriptions of the Akashics that are solely from the perspective of humans.  Such as the Akashics being one large building  filled with grand monuments of human forms in each room.  The Akashics is much more than just a building and I’ve yet to find any room within it that has statuary of this description, although that’s not to say it isn’t there.  I’ve barely scratched the surface of all that exists there.  I have found conservatories full of the most amazing flowers, rooms full of floor to ceiling windows and swimming pools connected to the outer water ways where swimming beings can come indoors and swim with us and vice versa.  I work in the Library, but also in the buildings where individual offices, meeting rooms, and work rooms exist.  But I also travel in the garden where teachers come to work with students.  I have flown over valleys where the seeds of existence are planted.  I have walked the primordial forest and sat on the mountain which houses the temples of those who fly.

It’s not just about bipeds and bipeds are no more and no less privileged or conscious than any other being.  To work with the Akashics is to open yourself up to more than is dreamed of in the philosophy of humans.  Which I believe is how it should be.