We don’t often think about our personal path as something that is interconnected with others.  It’s personal to us and connects as necessary for the service we perform or to help us achieve our goals such as to create community, to access some new facet of self, to move us ahead.  But we are interconnected and while we tread the path least travelled, it is a path and we are not alone.

While we’re looking forward and making our own way, there are those nearby and intersecting with us.  Their paths cross ours, parallel us, and loop around.  There are those who have walked the path ahead of us.  Those that have cleared the way so that we can achieve our dreams just a little bit easier.  They carry a light that illuminates our way, like a beacon in the darkness, like the lighthouse guiding us to safe harbour.

What we rarely notice is what is behind us.  As we are walking, intent on our choices, in the business of becoming and doing and where we’re headed, we don’t hear the footsteps behind us.  We don’t recognize that we are becoming radiant.  At some point along the way we become the light for those who are following, in their own way, on their paths, listening to our stories, watching us trudge and dance and laugh and cry, feeling their way just as we have…as we are.

There are people all around us that we influence every day just by being alive.  We are the voices others are seeking, the example to those who have not yet found their way, the possible in all the negative messaging and marketing.  You’re not only enough, but your life is a blessing to others, so keep walking.