The bigger a plan, the more it stretches out over time, the more there are pieces which are blank or we put question marks in them because at the moment we don’t know.  Sometimes this is just because we don’t yet have the time to really sit down and figure them out. Sometimes it’s because you absolutely know what goes there, but you don’t want to deal with it so feigning ignorance makes more sense at the moment. And other times it’s because that answer, that plan is right at the tip of your tongue and you know you can figure out….maybe sleeping on it will help….something is going to jog this loose…argh!!….

Ok, so there’s all of those. But there’s another one that can be either frustrating as all crapitola or comforting depending on where you’re at in life or how much of a control freak you are. Or both.  LOL  It’s the bridge to nowhere syndrome.  You look at something that needs to be done like unpacking a box after moving or a form that needs to get filled out or a project that needs to get done at work, something you’ve never done before, and you just have absolutely no idea what to do.  Not like there are a ton of options running around in your brain and you can’t figure out which one to choose or the stress is too much so I’m having a brain fart kind of no idea, but truly no idea.  Like if we listened in to what you were thinking we’d just hear static. Around this particular question of What do I do with this?  There is a resounding ???????

So the frustrating side of this is that we’re presented with the question and we want and need an answer.  But pushing against nothing, trying to pull the rabbit out of the hat when there is no hat, doesn’t work.  The thing about this is, like a bridge that is being built from both sides but hasn’t yet met in the middle, there’s really no way to span between here and there.  We have to wait until the rest of the bridge gets built. (Unlike all the car chase/action movies which say otherwise. Are you a stunt driver? No. Then move along.) The comforting part about this is unlike actual construction projects that get sidelined because of money or politics, your bridge is going to get built.  The answer is coming. You’re actually working on it, from both sides no less.  Besides, you’ve got other things to work on first, right?  Plate’s full and alla that?

As frustrating as it may be, the bridge to nowhere that happens when you look at something is a sign pointing you towards “not yet” not a signal that something is broken or lacking or off.  Everything is on track, fully functioning and supporting you 100% so stop wasting energy on it and get moving on that other stuff.  I mean, there’s always one more box, right?