Large clouds of gas glowing deep in space

Each of us is receiving universal wisdom in every moment.  Whether we are tuned into this channel, accepting of the information or not is another matter.  But it is there.  A percentage of my clients struggle because, for one reason or another, they are blocking the information or filtering it so they only perceive a small trickle.  We are all partaking of Earth energy as well, but how much and in what way varies from person to person. Part of the difficulty is that through the industrial revolution, urbanization, colonialism, and consumerism, we have been taught material things are items to be used or managed rather than sacred.  Ecosystems are seen as complicated math problems to be balanced rather than living communities.  When we think of our interconnection at all we think of it as with other humans, with energy fields, not with the land we live on, the neighborhood we inhabit, or with the geology of that area. We wear shoes even indoors and think this is good for our arches, to keep in foot odor, keeps our feet warm, and/or helps with posture.  They can do all of these things but they also create a barrier to contact with the world around us.  I prefer shoes when walking in downtown areas from a spit/pee/road crap consideration, but when I’m indoors or around nature, I am barefoot.  But regardless of our footwear habits, we are interconnected with the Earth as well as universal source.  We have to be in order to have healthy prana flow.

Striving for enlightenment is a worthy goal and there are answers in the stars, in the powers that be, in our soul books, in our mentors and guides.  All are resources for us to achieve our goals here and even go beyond them.  But they are only one part of enlightenment.  The other is the application of the wisdom acquired. Once we have this wisdom, what do we do to bring it into the here and now?  How do we ground it into this reality?  Earth energy steadies us, supports us, calms us, but it also energizes us.  It asks us to move.  We sit because sitting stops action, takes us out of the here and moves us into the internal. Sitting relaxes us.  Standing takes us out of the internal and brings us into the here.  It is rare for anyone to actually be able to ‘stand still.’  Standing leads us to movement whether it be walking or leaning or swaying or dancing. Standing still requires balance few of us maintain after our teenage years if we ever had it at all.  Standing is an active practice which requires attention.  Standing, being connected with the earth directly with our feet, having our prana channel fully connected with our support, causes us to feel “now what?”  And that’s what we should feel.

We are the meeting point between wisdom and action.  We are the center of an ever unfolding universe.  We are the connection point of the threads which weave the tapestry of everything, but this means we need to stay connected. We need to reach down and in as much as we reach up and out.  We need to practice what we preach, become what we have learned, do what it is we want to become, live what it is we have been shown.  We aren’t here by chance.  We are here not only for our own becoming, but to bring the lessons we are learning and those we have already learned into this now so we all might improve and grow.  The point of being here is to be here, not to hurry home again.  We need enlightenment and grounding, both the out there and the right here. We are the stuff of stars and in order to blaze we need to coalesce here.