In the Akashics is a broad plane with field after field of plants as far as the eye can see. It stretches like a bright quilt of multicolored blocks all the way to the horizon and as far as you can see to the right and left.

The fields closest to the cliff are skills, aptitudes and wisdom you are already utilizing in your life today. It can be pleasant to wander through these validating your capabilities and nourishing your soul with the felt, sensed, and experienced: “Yes, I am this.”

Beyond the familiar is all of the potential and possible. The further you wander away from the cliffs the more you are entering into new aspects of yourself. The fields are full, not only of colors, but scents and often students feel pulled towards one field or another by an enticing and mysterious scent or an intriguing plant.

There are no wrong answers, no bad choices. It is all you and all a benefit to your soul, your path and your unfolding. Walking into an individual field(s) will engage the unfolding process which is as unique as you and who you are becoming.