Modern society has changed our lives dramatically.  So much that we live under the illusion that climate doesn’t affect us and we don’t affect it.  That food has no source except a store or a restaurant and it is ever-present and plentiful. And that we can have safety and security, with random occurrences of harm or violence only happening to other people.  We live in a society where we think we have control over our environment, struggle, gripe, and wail at fate when we realize for one instant or another that we don’t and then go on with our lives striving with ever action to continue the fantasy, the illusion of stability.

Inside each of us we are a constant receptor of input.  Through our senses we receive and then use our brains to make sense of it all, make meaning, make patterns, and make judgements.  And that’s just so we can get up and make breakfast and coffee.  Our day is full of stimulation and over stimulation to which we act and react in constant movement.  We are an every churning maelström of action and change.  As such we attempt to control the world around us and make it hold still so that we can cope with our constant process.  We want people to stay the same, unless the change is something we have instigated and is to our advantage.  We want our circumstances to work that same way.  We want everything around us to fit what we need because we are surfing what is going on inside us.

But stability, unchangingness is an illusion.  While we are in process, so is everyone and everything around us.  We just can’t see it.  And just as much as we desire stability, so does everyone else.  So our changing, if it isn’t what they want, is a problem.  Yet we can’t stop it and neither can they.  Everything around us reacts to us, receives input from us, is affected by us in the same way we are by our surroundings. It’s all interconnected.  And that’s the fantastic and frightening part.  When you change it sends ripples of effect out into the world.  Butterfly wings and tornadoes and all that.  So we can choose to be afraid of that affect and try to keep everything as status quo as possible or we choose to drop the need for the illusion.  Because in reality, it is an illusion.  Nothing is truly stable.  The only stability is to be flexible enough to surf the change that is occurring all around you every day.  Drop the illusion and look around at how the world looks now.   It’s full of possibilities and challenges and your up for every one.