On one end of the pendulum swing there’s the top out point of nothing and then on the other there’s the top out point of everything.  In between the two there’s all the stuff that’s well…in between.  Somewhere in there, sometimes in the exact middle and sometimes not, there’s just the right mix not only for our right now, but for our tomorrow and beyond.  There might be the just not enough that keeps us moving forward or the just too much so that we have plenty to offer to others.  I’d like to say it’s math and that its easy to figure out if you just plug in the numbers, but I’ll leave that up to the math lovers who breath chaos theory and TOE.  For me it’s much more of a lived in organic thing.  Like dancing it’s more than just being in the moment, it’s being in all the moments in a lovely fluidity which makes us forget that we imagine them as discreet.

With that said, lots of people ignore the pendulum all together.  They get caught up in the real or imagined crisis of right now and need to ease the pain right now and so take action.  They ignore the fact that the actions cause ripples, that ripples accumulate, that ripples hitting resistance don’t just break, they counter ripple.  Action and reaction as it were.  For example, someone wants to manifest something as an answer to a need.  They are looking at the situation from a very short term perspective like “I’m hungry, I’ll go eat something.” Meal eaten means problem solved.  But when the issue is a complicated one such as loneliness or relationship a simple cause and effect solution isn’t necessarily going to be simple or work out well.  So many relationships end badly because they were the wrong solution to a not so very temporary problem.  So from not enough the pendulum swung to way too much and then we are left with still not enough or feeling like we have even less except that now we have more baggage to swing. *sigh*

The same thing happens with people who work to manifest their best life.  That’s supposed to be a universal good, right? But again, the pendulum can swing past the mark we wanted to hit.  Like the author who finally writes that novel they’ve been thinking about for 20 years.  They get an agent, they get published and then the publisher says “Great!  That went well.  When can we get the next one?  We’d like to have it 6 months from now because we have an opening in our publication schedule.”  Doh!  20 years for the first one, now you have 6 months for the second one.  And you have no idea what to write because all your ideas went into this first one.  Think I’m kidding?  Nope, it’s a known fact that writers talk about regularly.  Or starting a new business and it goes from pokey and just getting by to suddenly not only flourishing but overwhelmingly so.  No time to organically grow into being big business, you’ve got to learn it all on the fly. Things go wrong that shouldn’t, wrong turns get taken because there wasn’t time to think and all of a sudden you’re in a pickle you didn’t even know existed.  Too much of a good thing can be too much.

The pendulum is always swinging.  Just like as a child we knew the difference between swinging high enough to feel like we were flying and the too high which frightened us and possibly harmed us, we need to recognize when we have helped enough or not enough and adjust accordingly.