It’s funny to me how over centuries we’ve come to a conclusion culturally that there is wisdom in the soul and that the body is the mechanism by which the soul gets around, like a car or a scooter or something.  It treated like a tool or a mechanism or a machine which breaks down and needs fixing or replacement parts and etc.  It runs well past when the warranty expires and then we’re stuck with the lemon until we’ve worn it out, meantime the soul is trying its damnedest to work through this thing and get done its agenda, whatever that may be.

This perspective cracks me up.  Notice that nowhere in there is the mind, the thing we rely on most, that is the leader in practically everything we do?  Oh, and that rarely listens to anyone or anything and makes up the rules as it goes along.  I have heard so many people make huge truth statements about this is the way things are *drop the mic* which are not only wrong but 180 degrees opposite to what is possible and usual. The mind is a wacky thing. 🙂  What I find so funny about this is the body is not a machine, but equal to the soul in wisdom and with all the functionality and programming necessary to carry out everything the soul wants to do.  Not only that but with tons of features to signal when we’re off course, what has caused us to be off course, and to point us in the right direction for course correction.  And it works hand in hand with the soul.  The two work together, usually seamlessly, to try and get us going in the right direction and support us in everything we do.

It’s the mind who doesn’t listen, thinks it knows better than everything else, and often disregards what it sees/hears/experiences in favor of what it thinks should be.  I talked with a friend of mine just today who spent the entire conversation talking about themselves and then made an off-hand comment that I never talk about what’s going on with me.  Then they ended the conversation!  LOL  It made me laugh to see such a prime example of how so many of us live in relationship to our true nature. Busy knowing and talking and expressing so we’re too busy for anything else.  If your body is breaking down, of course you should get things checked out, do what you need to do to remedy the situation and take care of yourself. Common sense is a soul message. 🙂  But while you’re doing that and have all that enforced downtime, instead of being irritated (or when you can come down out of being irritated for a second or two) check in with why things are breaking down. Get quiet and listen to what your body and your soul are talking about.  You’ll be amazed at all the wisdom you’ll find in such a simple thing.