No I do not mean Rest and Relaxation.  I’m glad for everyone who is getting to have that, but what I’m referring to are the post-Christmas R&R’s:  Returns and Regrets.

Returns usually happen first because they just have to get done.  I mean who can live with that Chartreuse lampshade from Aunt Tildie or the mechanical ‘what does this do again?’ from Uncle Leroy?  These next couple of days will be filled with the after glow of family and friends, the joy and the laughter and the ‘where do we put all this’ and the ‘what were they thinking’ which will lead to the ‘does that say something about them or about me?  :/’ which is another reason why returns may be a hassle but they are definitely a blessing of the season.

And then there are the regrets.  Not the looking back at the last year regrets, that happened and was healed during Solstice.  This is the ‘Did I really eat that much pie?’ regret.  And the regret that there isn’t more pie.  It’s the regret that we didn’t get that one last thing done, that we used UPS or FedEx to ship that one last thing that didn’t get delivered until yesterday or maybe not until today.  Please don’t let anyone be scarred for life by a Christmas shipping issue!  And it’s the regret that we didn’t have more time.  That we stuffed as much joy and laughter and sharing into the moments we had but we’d like to have some more. Please???!!!

So take the next few days to deal with the R&R.  Because the end of the year is fast upon us and in no time we’ll be setting our intentions for 2014, the year of the Horse.