Life isn’t black and white, either/or, and how we live shouldn’t be either.  We should be practical and fanciful, clear-eyed and dreamy, living in the now but remembering our past and planning for our future.  We should be flexible enough to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, incorporating the results into ourselves, then adjusting the plan as necessary while keeping ourselves on an ever adjusting course.  Easy to say right?  Yep.  Which is why timing is a necessary tool for creating harmony and forward movement.

For example, desiring things, having dreams, wishing for particular outcomes is great and necessary for our becoming.  These things are one of the products of the fire of life, our Prana/Chi our existence.  Joy does not breed complacency, it breeds the desire to live which helps guide us on our path whether that is to journey onwards or to create the perfect haven where we are.  Desiring things, having dreams about someone or an outcome, making up stories that make things better in our hearts, but which deny the truth, avoid facts, or make untruth statements about other’s personality or behavior sets us and them up for failure.  In relating with other people it is not time for dreaming, unless the dreaming is done together with mutual consent.  With others its best to be in the now and deal with the real.  That way you can be fully present for yourself and others and the experience.

Looked at another way, when we are thinking of ourselves, of who we are, of what is possible and what is probable, being in the now is a good place to start, but it is only the first of the yellow bricks on the path to Oz.  From there we must move inward to hear our soul’s dreams, to feel our connection to source, to acknowledge our inner truth.  Only in that way can we start taking the right actions to manifest the life that is right for us in this moment.  And moments change, which is why we must listen, not just once, but often and adjust accordingly.  When working with our own becoming being in the now is only the beginning.  Being in the now too much can lead us to bludgeon ourselves with perceived flaws, mistakes, misjudgments and failures which can cause us to freeze, to stop dreaming, to prevent ourselves from seeing anything other than misery and defeat and repeat of the past.  Our souls need to dream, to move us past the pragmatic into the potential.  If we cannot not see what could be we will never reach for it.

Like love-making and comedy, our own becoming is in the timing.  To everything its own season.  Let the now and the possible have their own. If you put them in the right order there’s no knowing how far you’ll go.