It can be a heady thing when we start walking our path, making choices to do what’s right, exploring what we are capable of.  It’s amazing to feel the happiness flow freely and things fall into place when we start doing what’s been in our heart all along.  It’s energizing to get to do and be what we want and to begin making changes which help us along the way to creating a life we choose.  But it’s still work, it takes effort, and it can be not a lot different from any other person pursuing a career of their choosing.  If we put too much of ourselves into any venture, spend all  of our time on it, think about nothing else, we can get out of balance.

It can feel somewhat like bicycling up a hill.  So much effort goes into getting up the hill, and we may even have an expectation that we’ll stop at the top to survey the view and get our bearings, but the top is pretty small and we miss the fact that we’re there until we’re over it and already on the way down.  We haven’t had a chance to see what’s ahead of us and out of nowhere we’re coping with an entirely new scenario where, instead of having to put max effort into dragging ourselves somewhere, instead we need to put the brakes on.

Getting what you want isn’t always the final answer.  Many times it’s just the doorway to the next phase, the next turn on the path.  Learning to balance the headlong rush, the urge to make things go, and the need to stop pushing and coast once in a while is the next goal.  Enjoy the ride.