You know when someone is tearing the house apart trying to find something, just desperate, they can’t do one more thing without finding….and you ask what they are looking for and it’s their glasses.  Then you point out the glasses are on their head? Funny and problem solved right?  Endearing unless it’s the 112th time this week, then it’s just freakin’ irritating.  Lots of people suffer from this problem in life, not just with the smaller objects.

I meet people who are wanting to know when they get to have their life.  They want to know when things turn around, when they can put down all the responsibilities, when they will find that one and live happily ever after.  They can describe chapter and verse as to why their life hasn’t turned out that way so far, what they have tried to figure things out or get themselves on track and what they expect from this new life they want to achieve.  And then they stand there, dejected, frustrated, worn out, expectant, with their hands at their sides not doing anything and waiting for something to change.  All the while I’ve been staring at the top of their head where that life is just sitting, perfectly balanced.  All they have to do is reach up.

It’s not about reaching out to make what they want happen.  Their best life isn’t out there somewhere waiting to be created or patiently sitting around while they dawdle getting to the meeting point. In fact, if it were they would have found it by now.  They’ve searched everywhere. The problem is, they aren’t paying attention. They are looking “out there” for something they already have.  Their life isn’t something to be achieved, they don’t need to acquire one more skill or heal one more thing, they need to stop. They need to do the one thing they absolutely don’t want to do and that is become aware of themselves. All the doing is a distraction and the way they have done it has created even more distraction. If they let go of all the “have to’s” and obligations and fear of “What if?” then they might have enough awareness to realize the life they want is right there.  All they have to do is reach up.