Ok, so your back hurts, your wrist hurts, you’re tired, you’re harried, you’re hectic, you’re frustrated…..you get the picture. Just remember, this is just one moment in time.  When it all feels like it’s crashing down on you and you are at your wit’s end, this is jut one moment in time.  There will be others.  This is not the end of the world, that’s next December. 😉  So breathe.  Relax.  Don’t get into the apocalyptic thinking.  This is not the way it will always be. This is not some karmic prize for something you’ve done or not done.  This is just one moment in time.

Just think that in the next moment you could experience joy.  Or healing.  Or win the lottery.  Or find that $20.00 bill you thought you lost but was just in your coat pocket.  In the next moment you might get the gift of a lifetime or have an unexpected laugh with friends or read the message that changes everything.  Each moment is its own lifetime and this is just one of them.  Happy and/or Sad for you it will pass and you will get another one.  Just remember, Aristotle posited that happiness is not something that happens in the moment, but is a quality that can only be defined as the sum total of a lifetime.  So don’t worry about whether your life is happy or not. You won’t know that until the end.  Live in this moment…and this one….and this one….it gets better…really…how about this one….