Souls are taught the difference between thought forms, creation, and conscious existence.  In a realm where thoughts are energy and therefore manifest as form, that dissolve once the thought has concluded and the thinker has moved on, a distinction has to be learned between temporary thought forms and existing forms which are unaffected by thought.  For example, souls can appear in forms that represent concepts or that aid communication such as when speaking to a newly reintegrating soul.  Beings that have already returned may take on the image of their most recent incarnation which is recognizable to their returning loved one.  This is not their true form and dissolves as soon as the need for recognition and reassurance is met. It is a thought and a feeling that recreates the loving bond between the individuals and changes as easily as the next thought occurs.  It is a temporary form that is not self-sustaining. Creating actual forms that retain matter, which fit into ecosystems, which are adequately adapted to consciousness, is quite a different process.

Those who journey consciously to the Akashics find the distinction between thought forms and conscious existing forms rather startling at times as they must become reacquainted with this form of existence.  Our teachers and guides utilize thought forms to help us understand message and to re-acclimate us to this kind of communication.  We are therefore most aware of the surprising familiarity of beings, items, and places that we experience there as they can be made to appear as recognizable beings and items from this life.  We also quickly become aware of our own changing skills at perception which makes what we experience have a dreamlike quality as images change, expand, fill in, morph, and become from visit to visit. Yet what can be most startling is the realization that the majority of what is being seen and experienced is not thought form, but consciously existing forms.  Architecture, geography, beings are not just there for us, but for all and all who journey there experience them.  The Akashic Library exists for all and while it is immense and therefore personal experiences of it may vary, it exists as a static structure available to all and its form and function do not change over time nor are they influenced by individuals who experience them.  The same can be said for the Temple of Life.

Free will exists for them as well and this is the learning that all souls take on as their first lesson in creation.  Created forms cannot be changed by thought.  Wishes do not truly create buildings and dreams do not change a being’s true nature.  Each being, each creation, has its own soul, its own suchness and lives by its own rules of becoming.  The act of creation, creating a new form, takes specialized skill and training that only some undertake to learn.  Animating that creation is the purview of souls as each of us is experiencing through the act of embodiment.  Each soul learns to differentiate between thought forms and consciously existing forms such as the Akashic Library and to discern the nature of creation.  And this is just a broad sampling of what general soul education entails.