Today I’m putting a challenge out there.  Every single one of us has at least one of these:  a stuck spot.  It’s that one thing we regret, we don’t like about ourselves or our lives, the one thing we know we need to deal with-get to-fix one of these days.  But that day never seems to come.  There are always more important things, higher priorities, easier ways to go and things to do.  There are more satisfying challenges to face than this one.  And it’s not really a problem is it?

Well, if it’s stuck, been there forever, is on your mind daily, is something you are expending energy to ignore or cope with or avoid, then yep, it’s probably a problem.  If only for the fact that it’s taking energy and time away from what you want to be doing and who you want to be each and every day.  So let’s make today the day we’ve been waiting for.  Let’s make today the day we put all the other stuff aside and at least look at the issue.

I’m going to take a wild guess that more than 80% of us not only know what the issue is intimately but have a really good idea of how to fix it.  It’s just a matter of sitting down and figuring it out.  And no pseudo remedies like restrictive diets you won’t keep up with, magic wand waving to remove the problem through a gadget or fad practice, or wishing it away through some practice you can do for a couple of weeks and then give up.  This time, commit to yourself.  This time be the hero that you’ve always wanted to have come rescue you.  This time look at yourself in the mirror and say “Yes, we’re going to do this.  I’m here for you. And I’m in it for the long haul.”  Then take the first step, make the plan, investigate the options, and invest in yourself.

Let me know what challenges you are taking on and how you are showing up for yourself.  I’m getting back to my cardio workouts and gearing my yoga practice to rehab my shoulder.