I discovered Teri when I did a web search for Akashic readers in 2014. I browsed her website and thought, “She seems like the real deal.” Consequently, I book marked her site and returned to it about a year later to seek her input on some issues that were relevant at the time. To say that Teri has been helpful would be an extreme understatement. I’ve worked with her for almost two years just for Akashic readings. Her ability to connect with and read my records, as well as connect with my guides has been invaluable. Her rich spiritual tradition and background greatly enhances the work that she does. Furthermore, Teri strives to empower others, not just provide information telling people what they want to hear; and not least of all, Teri is engaging, supportive and funny! She is clearly called, gifted and enjoys the work. I always find myself returning to our recorded sessions to discover deeper levels of meaning that I missed before. I would recommend her services whole-heartedly and have!