startreesEvery person is a tapestry. They are a combination of their own threads (thoughts, desires, goals, abilities, choices, actions, feelings, experiences, expectations…) woven together by the process of living which is thoroughly interwoven into the threads and fabrics of everyone they come in contact with in person, online and through a myriad other means.  Each interconnection sets another pattern, tugs at the fabric, stretches, pulls, and gathers the person, creating an amazing tapestry.

Because of this life rarely works out smoothly. Even when we strive for a holistic, healthy, conscious, spiritual, practical life, things are still chaotic and more about moving with the rhythm than trying to create it. Often life seems more like a shuttle trying to dock with an orbital space station, everything not only in motion, but rotating and being affected by a myriad of other things so that creating that perfect connection is a feat of engineering, skill, and tightly held breath. We may be effectively managing our own schedule with all its commitments and expectations while the needs of others and opportunities keep popping up encouraging or demanding our attention or participation. We just get ourselves settled when a crisis occurs or we deal with a crisis to have several others blossom at our feet. We pull one thread and everything comes loose requiring us to begin weaving all over again, sometimes in self-defense so we aren’t woven into something we do not want to be connected with.

Being spiritual, living in harmony, doesn’t mean that life becomes less complex. Being healthy in our life and how we live it means we’re better able to participate in the complexity. The clearer we are about who we are, what we can affect and what we cannot, what our challenges are and our strengths, allows us to clearly see others. We can therefore chart a trajectory ahead which is much more likely to succeed in the short-term and be positive for everyone involved in the long-term. Which doesn’t mean  something won’t occur during the trip that might cause difficulties. We don’t know what we don’t know and we can’t anticipate everything that might happen along the way.  Life is meant to be an adventure. Knowing that we can better enjoy the ride.