It is common for me to hear from clients that what I’m telling them is not new news.  They have usually been to other spiritual practitioners,  energy workers, astrologers, tarot readers, and have been told the same thing over and over.  Which is validating for me personally, but leads me to the question, “Why do you keep asking the question?”  The other thing that I get rather frequently is, “Well, I think the real question for me is….”  And it’s great when they can put that question into words, maybe for the first time, so that they can look at it and work with it.

I lump these two experiences together because, for me, they seem to come out of the same issue, living life so busy and loud that we can’t hear our inner voice.  (Not the voices in our head, that’s a different discussion all together.  :P) What we seem to value the least or be frightened of the most is hearing what is actually going on with us.  It’s much easier to live our lives that we have built with all of our logic and our social connections and our busy ‘doingness’ which is required of North Americans.  Buy something, go somewhere, do something…if we aren’t moving every second we aren’t doing it right.  Even on vacation we have to be almost frenetic in doing everything that we can to enjoy the moment.  No wonder we long for relaxation on a beach or at a spa somewhere.  We never sit still!

And all that busyness is noise that keeps us from hearing what is really going on.  It keeps us from hearing our own inner voice, keeps us from valuing it and allowing it to affect our reality in any significant way.  Because that inner voice may not agree with how we are living or what we are doing.  It may not use left brain logic to evaluate the pros and cons of a situation, may not value financial stability over other aspects of life, and may want to lead us into situations we don’t want to face or show us truths we can’t cope with.  So we keep busy, keep our lives noisy, and just keep doing what we’re doing.  But some part of us wants to be heard and so we ask the questions, seek guidance, and put ourselves in situations where we will be forced to confront ourselves.  When that happens we have a choice: keep doing what we’ve been doing just adding the experience or the advice to the mix or turn down the noise and truly listen.

Listening to our inner knowing is a radical act.  What do you know?