So much left brain and dichotomy, so little time.  Our left brains hold language and logic and patterns and structure and all things black and white.  Or red and blue if you’re into US politics these days.  However, that is only part of the story.  Our brains are amazing wonders of the world and we have made great inroads into understanding how the Universe operates using them and the scientific method and curiosity and trial and error…. However, that is only a part of the equation.

Our right brains contain our ability to feel connected, to see outside the box, to dream of what has never been but could be, to remove barriers and to feel true and bone deep peace.  It is also where we can be open to and accept the unexpected, the spherical nature of non-linear effects, and understand the synchronicities of life.  Because life happens while we’re figuring out patterns.  And it evades the patterns even as we are making them.  The Universe is not one singular being somewhere watching us like a sitcom and enjoying our travails.  The Universe is all of us and everything else existing all together in this now…and this now….and this one…

The Universe responds to us just as we respond to it.  Every action ripples and our presence is unique and inspiring and a necessary part for it all to function.  If you weren’t here we would all be less and because you are here I don’t have to do what you do and you don’t have to be who I am.  We are all part of the connectedness of everything.  And as much as we would like to be able to see the cause and effect of all that we are and do and everything around us is and is doing, it’s all too interwoven and interconnected for that and we haven’t even begun to realize everything that is going on yet.

So when synchronicities happen, you can use your logical left brain and think,”Huh, that was interesting” and just keep going with your life.  Or you can think “Whoa!  I’ve been thinking about this and that put it out into the Universe.  And the Universe is responding.  So what should I do now?”   That’s when the journey truly begins and when you start to truly open to the magic of right-brained life.  Where will your journey of right-brained Universal non-logic take you?