You are a valuable resource.  You have a lot to give to the world in general and those you love in particular.  Which should include yourself, btw.  So what you do with your time each day matters.  Not to be big brother about it, but it’s something to think about.

When asked what you did today your answer should land somewhere between “I don’t know” and “created world peace”.  “Created whirled peas” is a very satisfactory answer in that it implies you did something which could have a practical benefit and is also a lob in the direction of smart assery which is almost always appropriate.  So setting aside the world in general as a guide, because it’s just toooo general, and setting aside those you love, because who are they to judge and we don’t want to get into a discussion of co-dependancy, the only real judge of the value of what you are doing right now is you.

A great number of people devalue themselves and so feel that what they do doesn’t matter.  Watching reality tv for hours, surfing the internet with no result, hanging out because there is nothing better to do is where they are at.  And to be just a little bit judgy, is that all that you are worth?  Just like with money, we vote with our time.  What we do has value and if your value is to be a passive observer of nothing much, well, I beg to differ on your value.  Your opinion matters so say something.  Your perspective matters so create something.  Your life matters so go live it.  Or at least look into why you think you don’t matter.  Because you do.  Your time has value because you are you.