god-and-monsters.comIt doesn’t matter whether you like the sparkly ones, the mis-understood but redeemable ones, the hard working attempting to overcome their disability ones, the sinister don’t give a damn ones, the all powerful and deadly ones, or the horror movie mindless monster ones.  Vampires can’t go it alone.  They are forever out of balance and in need of someone else to fill the void.

Although Vampires, like Werewolves, attempt to look like everyone else and work to blend in, their goals are a bit different.  Werewolves thrive on drama, Vampires thrive on others directly.  In fact, Vampires are allergic to drama.  The less attention on them, their behaviors, and their motivations the better.  Vampires are the quintessential control freaks needing everything to be their own way in order to get their needs met at the expense of others.  Vampires don’t see anyone else as an equal or enter into relationships with a goal of partnership and mutual benefit.  Their lives are very black and white and about survival.  Everyone is either a source of what they need and disposable or it is a threat that must be removed.

But this isn’t obvious at first blush.  Why would it be?  Who would enter into any type of interaction with someone who blatantly states they are in it for what they can get and everyone else be damned? (Ok, we’re going to leave the direct correlation between this and the banking industry aside for a moment.  We know they are parasitic organisms draining us dry and that we need to expose them to the light in order to destroy them, but there  are plenty of blogs focused on just that so I’ll continue to focus on individuals vs. corporate structures. )  Vampires present themselves as if they are just like anyone else.  They will brazenly lie about their motivations, cloak their control methods in words and actions that seem loving, tempt us with small tokens that indicate everything is what it seems, but eventually these tactics are no longer necessary.  Many times we don’t realize we’ve been drained until far down the line when damage has already been done.

Many of us have had friends like this, that appear like friends but never pay their way, never invite us over, never host anything, suggest anything, or put more than minimal participation into the relationship at all.  Hopefully at some point the realization dawns that they aren’t really a friend at all but a user, a vampire, and changes need to occur to create healing in the situation.  One thing to keep in mind, while there is always hope that a cure for vampirism will be found and someone who is just having a vampiric moment in their lives or is starting down that slippery slope can be redeemed, full fledged vampirism is incurable at this time.  Many have been lost spending decades trying to ‘wake him/her up’ to their vampiric state.  If you feel that you are heading in that direction or have spent time at this activity, I would recommend reevaluating.

Vampires not only don’t cure from being encouraged to awaken to their vampiric state.  The more you give them attention the more you are in their clutches and feeding them.  The more you give, the more they become entrenched.  Why should they change when they are getting absolutely everything they need?  In the end, the best thing to do is move into the light.  Whether you bring them into it by confrontation of various mean or whether you walk away from them and realize you’ve been living in the dark since you met them, the light will cleanse you and help you heal.  Moving back into your truth, being authentic to yourself, which includes the realization that you are 100% worthy of a healthy relationship, good friends that give often, freely, and plentifully, and a life full of reciprocity and validation let alone joy and freedom and laughter is the best remedy for the damage done by vampires.  And drink 8 glasses of holy water per day.  And cook with lots of garlic except on days when you have a big business meeting or a date…..