We’re taught to look for the lesson.  Everything happens for a reason, there must be something you need to learn, some purpose for why this has come to you.  Go inside and figure this out and everything will fall into place.  And I don’t disagree in principle.  Everything does happen for a reason.  I don’t necessarily buy into the reasons people assign things, but there are reasons.  Apples fall because gravity works and alla that.  Same thing for needing to learn. If we don’t learn from our experiences then we will suffer the same fate over and over again because we’ll keep doing the same things.  How many times do you have to touch that hot pan before you learn to get a potholder first?  That’s up to you.  As for a purpose to things, we rarely know the multiple layers of purpose for things until after the life is completely done.  We don’t have enough distance from the events to be able to see the entire weave of our lives so the purpose changes like a kaleidoscope being turned.  So yes, go inside and figure out what you need to figure out.  As for things falling into place…well, maybe if they are apples…

Not everyone is a perpetual student learning lessons set out for them by some stellar guru or astral math teacher.  For many people they have chosen this life as an act of service.  They are here to help things and people be better.  They are supportive of life and living a good life in harmony with all that is.  This takes as many forms as their are people, each person’s talents and interests and abilities are different and the need is ever changing.  This doesn’t mean their lives are exceptionally different from anyone else’s but how they operate in them should be.

Just because you’re on your path doing what you came here to do doesn’t mean that everything becomes “happily ever after.”  There will be bumps in the road, challenges and struggles.  It’s like deciding to take up jogging.  You’ve walked all your life and never noticed that you turn your feet our or in or you have one fallen arch or a misaligned knee.  But then you start jogging and these things become evident.  They aren’t a huge problem, but they are noticeable and annoying.  You have a choice to work on them and fix the issues or just let them be.  It’s when the urge comes to actually start running rather than jogging that the issue becomes in your face.  What was annoying for jogging is detrimental for running and can even start to cause serious injury and long-term damage.  So to run, these things HAVE to be corrected.  It can’t wait.  Is there a lesson in that?  Not really.  Just physics.

Do you have to run?  Nope.  Can you go back to walking?  Yep.  Would that solve the problem, sure.  Is there a lesson in that, well just about as much lesson as there is in your preferring one kind of ice cream over another.  Yes, but nothing that actually matters.  If you want to run, you have to correct the issues, if you don’t want to correct the issues, don’t run.  Or you can jog and be annoyed.  Or you can run and cause damage.  Or you can walk and regret not having run.  Or….