Every have those moments when you have too many things on your mind, too many things to do in the day, too many things in your hands, and if you could just get everything to behave then you could get the keys out without spilling the …#&@^#$(&^#(%  *insert adult temper tantrum here*

There are many times when what we want and what we need seem to be at odds with each other.  Usually this is an issue of the mind writing checks that the rest of you are supposed to cash without making sure there’s money in the back and that its available.  It’s great to have a plan for the weekend to get all this stuff done so you can go do all this other stuff.  But if your body and your soul need you to not worry about any of it and just relax and do something quiet, there’s either going to be disappointment because you can’t get there from here or there’s going to be a lot of shoddy workmanship, cut corners, “good enoughs” and by the time you get to the fun part, you’ll be too tired for it to be any fun.  😛

Wanting is appropriate and there’s nothing holding us back from getting what we want, but if we don’t listen to what we need, then we’ve tripped ourselves up before the starting line.  Our plans to get what we want need to include self-care, actually listening to the rest of the team, and doing what’s best for us long-term as well as short.  That might mean trading a short-term opportunity for one a bit further off.  It might be getting an extension for that work project so you can have your energy for the good stuff that can’t be missed.  If we pay attention to the needs, we can make life work for us, not against us. Our life can support us and we can support our lives not through gritting our teeth and swearing, but by living it fully. And put the coffee down before you try and juggle all the rest of that stuff. Coffee is far too precious to be spilt due to in appropriate balancing.