FireplaceMany spiritual seekers are looking for that transformative experience. They want to find the practice that will unlock their talents, throw a spotlight on their path, show them the way to be who they truly are in the world. Instead of feeling worn out, cold, exhausted, constantly in movement, they want to find that still place where everything makes sense, where the world supports them and is good rather than something to struggle against.

What most people don’t realize is that we are made of fire.  Akasha, spirit, life force, energy…these are all names for fire. We get fired up over something that excites us, we spring up into the day like a spark meeting tinder, we blaze with fury, we smoulder with resentment, we are doused by the waters of grief, fanned towards new opportunities by the winds of change and possibility. “Don’t hide your light under a bushel” so we’re told. Each of us is a light which shines into the darkness. We are the sparks of divinity come to create a world full of light amidst the shadows.

We look for something that will transform us never realizing that we are the fire than transforms.  We are the crucible through which others pass in order to become or be destroyed.  We are the heat which merges things into new forms. We are the process where raw materials are changed from one state to the next.  Through our thoughts, our words, our choices, our actions, our inactions, our desires…we create the world around us every day. We can be the fire that provides warmth and safety, the fire that consumes what is harmful or even deadly, the agent of change which allows new seeds a chance to grow. We can choose to remain small, being seen only at night after all the other lights go out. We can let ourselves flourish amongst all the possibilities and potentials. We can seek out a place where we can open up to our full extent. But no matter what we choose, we are transforming the world around us. If you think you’re not, remember what just one spark can do in world filled with paper.