Each of us is like a faucet. Akasha, the life force that allows our souls and our bodies to function as a complete system, flows through us every moment of every day. It flows into us from the universe entering through our heads and flowing out through our feet. It flows upward from the embodied world bubbling up through our feet and out the top of our head, carrying back the wisdom and becoming that we have acquired, sharing our transformation with the greater All.

Akasha flows through us in every moment and like water it is necessary and nourishing. We need it to stay here and be healthy. Also like water, we can do so much more with it than just drink it. It is cleansing and helps us remove what is no longer necessary.  It is healing by helping us purge what has injured us and replenishing us with the fuel to regain our strength and continue living.  It is also the raw material for manifesting our part in the grander scheme of life.

Akasha isn’t a blank slate where we can do or make anything we want. That’s part of the magic of an embodied life. With everyone manifesting in each moment and with each of us interconnected and interdependent, we have an amazing tapestry already woven that we work within and yet there is always more space, more potential, more desire for each of us to create our unique contributions. Akasha is something we both receive and give and is what we use to manifest what is possible.  Not what others think is possible, probable, right or good, but what is possible and what is uniquely us.  Tap into the Akasha within you and see what inspiration unfolds.