Hand WeavingWe’re living in an information age. There is a symphony of data on almost everything an anything, with thousands of people bringing new things that haven’t even been thought of before into being each day. Among all that are authorities who want to help people live up to their potential, be successful, be happy, have the life they desire, and follow their path. There are so many authorities, experts, gurus, successes and role models to choose from that choice becomes a struggle instead of a blessing.  And the messages they send out into the world are so many and so varied that at times it can be a confusing cacophony instead of a sign pointing the way. How can it be possible that one does it one way and says that’s the key to everything, another does it completely the opposite while saying that’s the key to everything, and another is saying that not doing any of it is how they were successful and that’s the key to everything?

People can get spun out, turned around or torn apart trying to follow all of this advice, all of the tips and processes, the methodologies, mind sets, and techniques being offered. Luckily it’s not and all or nothing proposition. The old adage is true “Take what you need and leave the rest.” The problem is, how can we know what to take and what to leave? Isn’t that what the authorities are supposed to be teaching us in the first place?

Yes and no. Each of us is unique. Each of us has a part to play in co-creating this universe and that part cannot be played by any other being ever. We can find points of similarity, of sameness and commonality, but in the end we will need to walk our own way. Part of that walk is figuring out what works for us and what doesn’t. How do we know? We can’t know with our head until we know with the rest of us and that knowing comes from doing. What I have found is that the experience of others, the advice of authorities is only as good as the results I get when I apply it to my own unique situation using who I am and what I can do in the moment. So I have come to do what I call weaving. A bit of this wisdom woven into that advice, bound with this practice, braided into this experience all of which creates a beautiful path which reflects my unique voice and becomes part of my contribution to the co-creation. Mandy Steward explains her own experience of this when she talks about Blessing the Mess.  If you look around at all the messages from authorities that you have gathered, what path have you woven or what beautiful creation are you creating for the season…for you life?