Ever heard that saying “The Letter of the Law” ?  You know, where there is wiggle room for interpreting what something means so the person does the minimum required to fulfill their obligation?  Kids do this all the time.  Clean up the yard becomes they raked 3 leaves, clean your room means everything on the floor got pushed into a pile and the pile got put in the closet, take a bath requires the additional instructions of using both soap AND water…  Think it’s any different for adults?  Thinking about when you’ve done this yourself as a grownup?  I know you did.  I saw you.  Don’t worry, we all have at some point or other.

The thing is, when we get the message, sometimes repeatedly, that we need to do this or that in response to us asking what the key is to our achieving the life of our dreams, the path we’re meant to follow, our best and highest purpose or good, we probably shouldn’t go Letter of the Law with it.  But you would be surprised how often it happens.  When working with clients I talk about it in terms of food.  What your book (which is you, BTW) and your guides and your teacher say you should do in these matters probably shouldn’t be considered a condiment to add to what you’re already doing.  It should be the meal.  As in, stop what you’ve been doing before and make this your top priority.  As in, you wanted to know and now you know so get to it.

If nothing else has worked so far, doing it the way you’ve been doing it isn’t working either, and you get told of a new way to do things, you should probably do that, right?  Well, easier said than done, I know.  Most of the time the thing we’re told to do is the one thing we’re most afraid of, which is why we haven’t done it yet.  Like any kid told to do something he doesn’t want to do, we sometimes do just enough to say we’re doing it and then keep on the way things have always been.  And we get just that much response from the universe which is to say little to almost none, but enough to see that there’s improvement.

Which is why when these clients ask me if there is something they are missing or if this is the way things are supposed to be going I try not to fall out of my chair.  The answers, of course, are Yep and Nope.  Things would be quite different if you were actually doing what you were asked to do.  Still can.  It’s still out there waiting for you.  Any time you’re ready.  No pressure.  We’re all still on deck ready to help you.  When you want to get started…at any point…with that thing you’ve always wanted…you know “Happily Ever After”…happiness…purpose…yep still here…waiting…