Are there werewolves among us?  Yep.  Do they change into a wolf form at the full moon and rampage around killing people?  Not that I’m aware of.

tomwoodfantasyart.comWerewolves are people who are habituated to drama.  They don’t seem like it.  They can seem like anybody else and that’s part of how they disarm and harm others.  Whether consciously or unconsciously they have an agenda underneath everything they do that is self serving.  Like the wolf that lies just under the surface of the human face.  They can be the person who befriends everyone then shares the confidences they’ve collected to others.  Office gossip is one variation of this but it occurs in every group at some point whether it’s family, church, organization, you name it.  Most gossip provides a low level background noise of drama, but it can cause real harm if released at the wrong time or to the wrong people.

Other types cause larger dramatic situations like the friend or love interest who you find had ulterior motives for their behaviors. Worse if they are confronted and just shrug it off and then keep going like nothing is wrong.  There’s also the family member who makes every family event or gathering an opportunity to ‘work through’ family issues that aren’t issues or should just be left alone.  Or the person who his just waiting for their opportunity to get what they want and then runs.

High on the werewolf scale are the philandering spouses, our most intimate relationships who hide their need to control and dominate in words and actions that seem on the surface like love and concern, embezzlers, and those who target others in order to create drama from which the parties will then need saving.  Guess who will be available for the rescue?

Werewolves work hard to maintain their cover, making sure everything seems like it’s the work of nature, a consequence of actions over which they have no control, something which is not their fault.  But if you look to the root of things, ignore what they say and watch what they do, you’ll see the façade crumble away and their true nature shine through.  You don’t need to use silver bullets to defeat them, although I can understand how that might seem like a good option at times.  Directness, good boundaries, with a dose of decisive and clear action can resolve the problem eventually.  Because if you stop the drama, then you stop them. And you can go back to enjoying the light of the full moon….