Ever leave a situation feeling unsatisfied, because everything seems ok and perfectly normal, but something in the back of your mind is nagging, like an itch you can’t scratch and you don’t know quite what it is?  Something got missed.  Something should have been said and wasn’t or something was said and the point didn’t get made.  Some connection should have happened and it didn’t.  Like listening to someone play a scale but never play the final note.  The tension builds and builds.  The problem is that you don’t know why.

Some people shrug this off and keep going.  There are plenty of other things to do in the day, plenty of fun stuff to enjoy without worrying about one thing that makes no sense.  If it’s important it will come around again, right?  To which I say “Yes” it will.  And if it’s an opportunity it will come back in a different form in a different way that matches who you’ve become by the time it swings around again.  Could be soon, could be a ways off.  No worries.  If it’s a lesson that you’re supposed to learn, something that you need to deal with now, a critical link in your path, it won’t just come around again, it will gather force from the swing and hit you harder and you might not see it coming if you aren’t looking.

I tend towards the examined life because I like to get things dealt with in the now rather than the later when things have become complicated or worse.  Which is just one more reason why I struggle with spiritual timing.  Sometimes setting the straight course forward isn’t the best option, but it does have a higher percentage of positive outcome than other options so I stick with it.  Or I’m stubborn.  Take your pick.

When something is nagging in my head, I tend to stop and try to figure out what it is.  Because it’s usually important. In the first blush it might seem like it was just a conversation or a small outing or lunch or a phone call, but it’s also a symbol, a message, a key. It’s something key to understanding myself and a situation, a motivation, and need, an underlying cause.  It’s usually key to something else I’ve been working on and once I start figuring out what it is, a number of things in my life will start clicking into place.  It’s like turning my eyes inward allows me to focus better both inward and outward.

Unlocking the doors that are blocking our progress doesn’t often require us to go through Revelation or mystical experience or Enlightenment.  It does require finding the key which is usually not something magical made of glass spun from moonlight and breathed on by a unicorn.  They key is usually sitting right there in plain sight having been left by the last person who used it, waiting for us to use it and pass it on to the next person.  So pay attention to that itch, that nagging voice that says something is missing.  The key to moving forward is probably right in front of you.