If you’re stuck in “I have no idea what to do next?”  try doing something completely different.  I once worked in an office where there was an archway into the middle section of the space.  And a great majority of the time, when people walked through the archway they forgot what they had come there for and had to retrace their steps, go do something completely different, to figure out what it was they had needed. Then they got to try it again. It got double laughs if the Archway made them forget twice. It was like some Star Trek device zapping the thoughts out of people’s heads.

However, we do get stuck at times. We know what we want or at least we know we want something, but we can’t figure out how to get there from here or we’ve tried everything we can think of and none of it is working.   Is that a sign from the Universe that it’s not meant to be?  Maybe.  Or maybe it’s time to do something completely different.  Do something you don’t normally do, do something in a completely different way.  Take crayons and paper and sit in the bathtub to make a work of art.  See the world from that perspective. It will look completely different.  Goto a park you’ve never been in.  Goto a spot you’ve always wanted to check out and just see what there is to see.  Try and item on the menu that you are not guaranteed to love because you’ve never had it before.

If all you know is not working, stop doing it.  Because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Don’t keep trying to solve the problem if that isn’t working.  Stop thinking about it and go do something that isn’t problem solving. At the worst the problem will still be there when you are done.  At the best some solution might have arrived while you were out and not only have you had a good time, but your issue is resolved and your life is better because of it.  I mean,  against all odds there are lottery winners, right?  🙂