Just like personal past or history or baggage, however you want to look at it, Past Lives inform our current existence.  We are what we have been and only have what we have created to work with in this life. So to a certain extent remembering where we have been, what we have done, what has happened to us, and what we learned from it is a very good thing.  If you’ve stubbed your toe on that concrete step once, you’re less likely to do it again.  And you’ll look at all steps just a little more cautiously and step a little bit higher until exhaustion, sleep deprivation, distraction, or partying causes your attention to go elsewhere.  And there’s another lesson learned, right?

If we didn’t learn those lessons from experience or didn’t remember them, we’d just keep stubbing our toes over and over again because our behavior wouldn’t change and the physics of our bodies and the step wouldn’t change either.  We would be toe stubbing fools shocked each time it happened and then going right on to do it all over again.  Viewing and reviewing past lives can help us in this by making the lessons we have learned from them conscious once again.  Or reinforce them if we do have them well in hand this time around.  They remind us of circumstances, of choices, of scenarios and how they played out so we can do things differently or even better this time around.  And it’s always nice to know why you feel or do or like or choose certain things.  Know Thyself is not just a rule to live by, it’s a great gift that can help so much in this crazy thing we call life.

The challenge is not to go back to living in the past.  The past should not be the present.  Just as it is not healthy to dwell on what we cannot change, obsess on what could have been, or bemoan what should never have happened, so trying to change what has occurred in a Past Life or taking on specifics and challenges from then can derail who you are now.  You are meant to live this life informed by who you have been, not turn back the clock and try to recreate what has already occurred.  Don’t dwell on the past, learn from it, acknowledge it, and then move forward to create today as best you can.