People want to know what that one thing is that they are supposed to do.  That one thing that is going to make everything click.  That one thing that makes it all make sense, that gets rid of the nagging doubts, the unsatisfied feeling, the need to look for something more.  To which I say “Live your life.”  And I sometimes daydream about that being a drop the mic moment and the person just gets it and says “Of course!” and we all live happily ever after.  Hasn’t happened yet but it’s good to have a goal.  LOL

wizarding wandsThere is no one thing, like a wizarding wand or something, which is going to make everything make sense and click everything into place.  For many people what helps is to stop looking for that one thing.  I mean, if you’ve been looking all your life, isn’t that an answer in and of itself?  If you keep doing something and thinking you’re going to get a different response….  Ahem…anyway, for some people the issue is that the looking their doing isn’t actually looking or searching or seeking, it’s running.  It’s trying to avoid the reality, which is their life, who they are, what they most desire and will make them happiest is the scary thing they don’t want to do.  It’s the difficult, looks different from everyone else, not a steady paycheck, non-linear life with so many unknowns.  That’s the one place that the logical left brain doesn’t want to look, that kicks in the survival instinct, that makes us back away and rethink our options over and over again.

But if you’ve tried dozens and dozens of prepackaged lives, ready-made careers, and walked down the path of least resistance and not found anything that really works for you, then stop.  The past less travelled isn’t guaranteed to be anything but an adventure, but it is Your adventure and it is what you make of it.  So many of my clients are terrified that taking that road will lead them to failure and misery and poverty, all the while they are living in a life that is full of failure and misery and sometimes near poverty.  I point out that they’ve already got that and they’re doing fine as far as that goes.  How much worse could it be to choose a life that has quality of life?  That has joy and passion and abundance and intrigue and goodness around every corner? I mention gently that they can always come back to the old life.  It’s not going anywhere.

So that one thing, that one moment that makes everything click, well it really is about living your own life.  *drops the mic*