Have you ever had a dream of being something or doing something that made your heart sing and brought a smile to your face if you ever thought of it? Something so off the wall or crazy or completely radical and impractical that you couldn’t tell a soul? Haven’t we all? Let’s be honest. πŸ™‚

Many of us try to brush this off and say, ‘Yeah, when I was a kid I had all these crazy ideas. But I’m and adult now and I live in the real world.’ Which is all well and good and does help people survive in a crazy world full of corporations and advertising and merchandising and a life pace that is so fast that if you stand still you might fall over in a dead faint. However, there are other ways to live, other choices that you can make. And sometimes those crazy ideas are what nourish your integral self the most. They are what bring joy to you and therefore the world (as long as they hurt no one, please).

What if there was a way for you to do this crazy and wonderful thing and that you have an automatic cheering section that will help you in any way that it can to achieve it? Wouldn’t that be exciting? And what if you found that doing or being this thing allowed you to dream of more things and to do and be more things and what if you found that there was a career for you in doing or being this? And what if there were people who got energized around it and joined you in it and supported you? Wouldn’t that be bliss?

How will you know if you don’t give it a try? Your Guides are waiting to help you and your Soul is dreaming about joy and adventure and wonder. Start small, try one little thing. I promise, the world won’t end and you might even hear cheering faintly in the background. I guarantee you won’t quite smiling for quite some time.